How True Is Random?

We deal with random numbers or events every other day. Are they truly random?

The random numbers which are generated by computing methods aren’t truly random. They are pseudo-randoms. The pattern behind such randoms can be inferred or re-engineered with a good enough sample size. This is because they all depend on a predefined set of computations or mathematical formulas.

What about the random events which occur within our environment? These too are depended on the precursor events. However, things here follow suit based on domino effect. With each event creating environment and triggers for a new set of events. Furthermore, these events interact with each other as well generating more triggers. The triggers follow a pattern and these can be observed from our resulting behavior or the action taking place within the environment. Again, with a good enough sample size the patterns here can be inferred as well; be it us or the environment.

Altogether, neither is our existence nor what we create a true random event. So what is true random?

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