ICT and Evolution

Smartphones, Smartwatch, Bluetooth gear, Tablets, etc. these are the Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) of today.

Have you ever thought how the new ICT advances affect your DNA, your body cells and overall your physiological self?

Here I share how this technological leap is creating an evolution for us in three steps 1) Are we prepared? 2) Can we handle it? 3) What happens next?

Are we prepared?

NO. Our body is not built to handle all the communication waves around us. Our eyes are not built for a 3D TV. We are not built to handle the multiple channels of information feeding frenzy. Naturally we are not built to handle multitasking at this scale.

Can we handle it?

NO. Since the entire human system isn’t built to handle the current needs from all the technology, it needs to adapt to it. And such adaption comes at a cost ranging from minor ADD to diabetes, High BP etc. Even if we surpass these by working out and taking care of our physical self, we have in process altered the core DNA.

What next?

Human Evolution. We will continue to evolve in the direction the mass chooses for ICT channels. The technologies will continue to evolve our interaction points be it sensory, visual, hearing, talking or smelling. The new physiological changes will become a baseline for new and so on.

The question that remains is will the implications justify the costs we paid? It will depend on how well off is the human race in entirety post such an evolution.


Impact of radio frequency electromagnetic radiation on DNA integrity in the male germline | R. J. AITKEN, L. E. BENNETTS, D. SAWYER1, A. M. WIKLENDT and B. V. KING

A Look into the Future Impact of ICT on Our Lives | Luciano Floridi

The Myth of Multitasking | Christine Rosen

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  1. And then there is internet of things……….so not many options but to adapt, survival of the fittest has been the motto since stone age,

    Watch LUCY movie released a few weeks back (Scarlett Johansson & Morgan Freeman), it will give you the answer to human evolution and how advances in science can help us evolve and cope with these issues although it was in a dark way. We use 6% of our neurons, so there is immense capacity to adapt & evolve…….What next in the evolution tree is a question though, will human be still human & what defines human?

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