Corporate Strategy

Culture Shocks

Sometimes firms pursue value add activities which require the associates to think not in line with the core culture of the organization. These changes though are geared to generate revenues end up confusing associates on their agenda and the culture they live in. Is it the executive political agenda? What is it that we are trying get to? Why should I even think about that? are some of the questions which surface among associates with such culture shocks. Continue reading


Life Insurance Time Capsule – 1

The Life Insurance industry at its core has operated on three legs – 1) Operational Efficiency 2) Old School Customers and 3) Market Efficient Investments. Lately the industry has seen a dramatic shift largely due to the performance of the financial markets and the changes in customer behavior. A cursory analysis might result in a thought that the industry that has barely differentiated products can regain its competitive advantage by focusing more on the operational efficiency. But is it so? Here we speculate how the industry will play out given the new uncertainties that loom around the pillars it heavily relied on. And what can the players do to safeguard their interests and maintain sustainable advantage. Continue reading